by Klexos

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released June 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Klexos Lexington, Kentucky

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Track Name: Cosmogony DEMO
In death is life, nei ex nihilo
Such as Ymir, slain to forge Jorden

Paradoxical elements converge into cosmogony
Engulfing Terra Firma
And out of the head of Ymir, Empyrean shall fall

Frost out of Niflheim, billowing from Muspelheim
The becoming of Ymir, the crux of all that is
Livet, the crux of all that is

From his veins flow the oceans unto the canvas that is Earth
Track Name: Oneiroi DEMO
Sons of Gaia, spawn of Erebus, born out of parthenogenesis

Behold, by the form of man
Black winged daemons enter the mirror of one's mind

From the gates of Korna, one is fulfilled in truth
Out of the gates of ivory, apáti

Beyond the streams of Oceanus lies the domain of all that is nekrós